"Highest Quality Mermaid Tails"

Important Safety Tips

  1. Safety Comes First! Young kids must always swim under "Adult Supervision" at all times to make sure kids are safe.
  2. Mermaid Tails should be used by "Experience Swimmers" only. If you can't swim yet, you're not ready to swim like a mermaid and will need to get swim certified.
  3. Always put your mermaid tail on while sitting next to the water/pool.
  4. NEVER stand up or hop in your tail or you can fall down and hurt yourself
  5. "DO NOT" use your mermaid tail where water is too deep or too rough for your ability.
  6. If your monofin slips off your feet, your legs won't work. You will need to use your arms to swim to the nearest wall/stairs. Call an adult to help you get out. Your monofin may be too loose and it will need adjusting. Check our website for video tutorials on How to kick off your tail in an emergency.
  7. Be Cautious of other swimmers in the pool, its best to keep your distance while swimming. You don't want to bump or hit someone with your fin.
  8. PRACTICE the main movement of mermaid swimming called the "Dolphin Kick". You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube.


Mermaid Tail Care “Rules”

  1. The Most Important Rule!!....To avoid getting holes or scratch's to your tail. NEVER let your fin come in contact with the pool floor.
  2. DON'T Drag, Scrape or Rub your tail against rough/scratchy surfaces.
  3. DO NOT Stand Up or Hop in your tail. When you need to rest/stop, swim to the wall and lift up your feet. Try to stay above the pool floor at all times.
  4. NEVER leave your Tail in the direct sun. If you are going to leave your Tail outside to dry, leave it in the shade.
  5. After every use, Hand wash your tail in cold water and Hang Dry. DO NOT Ring, Bleach, Iron, or use in Washer & Dryer Machines.
  6. NEVER leave your mermaid tail floating in the pool for long periods of time the chlorine will fade your tail very fast.
  7. "Warning" Hotel pools have the highest level of chemicals. Swim at your own risk. Results may include Color fade out in 1-2 swims, Holes and other damages.
  8. If you follow these rules on how to take care of your tail, you will keep your tail in looking beautiful for a long time. Parents Please Read and Explain the Rules to your child before using the tail for the first time.


Click here to download safety tips.