About Us


Janene castellanos is a creative young professional. Living in Miami Beach, FL. has always had a passion for art and design. Growing up around a talented mother who made her wedding dress and all her bridesmaid dresses for her own wedding. She was taught how to sew at a young age by her mom and was naturally good at it. 


Janene has 2 amazing and intelligent daughters, and they have always loved and been inspired by such amazing creature, the mermaids. Anything that has to do with mermaids especially a popular show called H2O.


MIAMI BEACH MERMAIDS all started because her 2 daughters where inspired with a dream to swim like a mermaid. So she made their dreams come true and made them their first swimmable mermaid tail. 


"As a mother I love to see my daughters smiling faces when their dreams become a reality." They got so so excited and said "Mom you know something .... you’re really talented and people will totally buy your tails."


Being the entrepreneur she is Janene started  something beautiful and amazing. Designing and  sewing mermaid tales for her kids and other children with a dream to swim like a mermaid. 


Janene: "I believe that god gave me creative hands and this is what I was born to do. To be able to use my artistic ability and create a business out of it is such a blessing. It brings me a lot of happiness and joy when I hear people say that they love the mermaid tails I make and they really want to buy one. Best of all, I really enjoy and love what I do and take pride in it."


Janene Castellanos

Designer/Tail Maker