Meet The Designer/Tail Maker
Of Miami Beach Mermaids!

Hi my name is Janene Ducharme (Castellanos) Tail Maker, Pattern Maker and Designer of Miami Beach Mermaids. I was born in 1977 March 3 (Pisces). I grew up in San Fransisco and moved to Miami about 5 years ago. I live with my husband and my 2 gorgeous daughters whom are the reason I started this business.

I started making mermaid tails for my kids because they were in love with a show called "H20" Just add water and of course "Ariel the little mermaid". and they had a deep desire to swim like a real mermaid. I never dreamed that I would turn this into a full time job working from home. But It became a passion and I made my daughters their first tail and began to make several more for family and friends. From there I started developing my own designs and making improvements to the basic mermaid tail pattern so it would be more functional and look more realistic.

My daughters were so excited about my creations that they told me "Mommy people will buy these tails they are so beautiful"! So I began selling on eBay and Etsy. My journey has been an amazing process and many hours of long hard work. I made my own website and it seems like after that everything just took off. Miami Beach Mermaids tails are spread out all over the world. Although one day I would like to have a retail store or boutique, I think right now I will stick to working at home from my work studio while my kids are still young.

I come from a family of sewers, Artists, and Musicians. So naturally I am talented and artistic in many ways. I am some what of a perfectionist so if you order something from me you won't have to worry about craftsmanship. Every order is made with love and passion and my person touch!

My Inspiration comes from visions, dreams, feelings and the magical mystery world of Mermaids, Sirens, and sea life! I absolutely love my job and feel very blessed that god gave my creative hands to spread joy to 1000's of children all over the world making there dreams come true.

Imagination is a wonderful gift and to pretend to swim like a real mermaid is the most awesome thing a child, teen or even an adult could ever imagine to do, plus its a really good work out!

Opening up my online business exposing it for the whole world to see has change my life and I am so honored to have made so many little mermaids dreams come true!

I hope I get the opportunity to work with all of you and continue making dreams come true!

Have a Beautiful Day!
-Janene DuCharme (Castellanos)
Miami Beach Mermaids, LLC



Janene Castellanos

Designer/Tail Maker of M.B.M